I solve digital problems with clean & clear designs.

I believe having a clean and sharp design is the best way to make websites elegant and functional. For websites to be great, you should forget you’re even using one. After all, the best designs are the ones you don’t have to think about.

I'm available to help design your website or app. Take a look at my portfolio or get in touch.

Goodland O'Flaherty

Goodland O'Flaherty wanted to show the world that they aren't tired and old like so many others in their industry. The new site recognizes their youth and energy while maintaining a level of prestige.

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Chris has been great for us in his ability to oversee and manage topics related to website user experience, site navigation and to introduce cutting-edge online advantages to our clients.

Innovation Campaign

The “Innovation Lives Here” campaign was an initiative lead by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. It recognizes local entrepreneurs that are building leading edge companies right here in the province.

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  • User Experience Strategy

    Through the use of wireframes, user personas and style tiles, I build a strategy that helps you better define your audience. Then I use this knowledge to help you reach that audience more effectively.

  • User Interface Design

    I craft interfaces that allow users to easily navigate your content. Each element is carefully designed to best optimize and enhance your content.

  • Website Development

    Every site I build is with clean and efficient code to maximize performance. I use HTML5 and CSS3. I build using the responsive framework, Wirefy, which is then integrated into a content management system.

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