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Solbits Software came to me with a unique problem over the summer of 2014. They wanted a better way to manage their retirement funds. I took on the challenge and worked with their team to figure out the most user-friendly way to do exactly that. We began by mapping out the user flow and screens. Then tested this flow with real users. Once this was nailed down we moved into the design work. I created a styleguide that we used through the MAC OS app and the website. Each element had to be friendly without looking like the standard UI. Special attention was given to the smallest details to help promote understanding with users.

Solbits took care of all the development side. Once this was completed, we tested with users again to make sure that we hadn't missed anything and that we had landed on the right solution. Beta testers were thrilled, minus a few tweaks, with the display of information and ease-of-use. If you truly want a better way to manage your retirement, I highly recommend purchasing the app.

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