This website was produced on a MacBook Pro, using Photoshop to organize my original thoughts and concept ideas before being marked up in HTML in TextMate. Body text is set to Proxima Nova and headings are in Atrament Web and are served via Typekit.

This site is coded using Nodejs and Expressjs. It is supported by several plugins

Additional Enhancements

I have been inspired by many sources for this site and must thank MailChimp for their persona work. I have taken their teachings in user experience throughout.

I have tried to adhere to web and accessibility standards as best as I can. Therefore, pages have been semantically structured to HTML5 with presentational design elements coded in CSS. The Syndicated feed is available in Atom-flavoured RSS.

Finally, site analytics are tracked by Google Analytics.

I am available for hire to consult, advise, and design user-centric projects with passionate teams around the world. I specialize in user-focused design that improve performance, shapes strategies and connects you with your customers.

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