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Rutter is a unique business, dealing with technology that can help save lives by delivering best in class radar technologies around the world. The site they had when we began this project did not represent a world class company. They looked to the Idea Factory, INFINITUS and myself to create a new web presence that better explained what they did, who they are and their capabilities. There was significant emphasis put together the understanding and visual approach to their products. Creditability is a huge factor when Rutter's client decide whether or not to implement Rutter products into their solution. We took that into consideration when developing the wireframes and sitemaps.

Through iteration and testing of the wireframes and the development of a living styleguide, we were able to determine a calming flow that allows users to taking the time to read and digest the information present as some of it can be quite technical in nature. We added a few smaller details like the expandable search and fixed sections to provide more space for additional information without causing an endless scroll effect.

The end result was a far better representation of where Rutter is today. The added level of prestige and easy-to-read and scan information has allowed their Representative Networks and Support Teams to better answer client inquiries. Finally, the new site has taken into consideration potentially new markets, uploaded media and other future benefits that will scale along side Rutter.

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